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Fall Decor: Go Soft, Upscale & Uncluttered

As we wait for the first crisp breeze and the first leaf to turn gold, red, or amber, let’s look at beautiful fall decor trends for 2023. This year color, texture, and natural elements define fall home decor! Leave your faux pumpkins and fake garlands in storage! This year’s approach to fall is softer, upscale, and uncluttered. And just so gorgeous!

Go Easy On Themes

Instead of creating a fall theme for decorating this year, think of translating the season through color.

The experts are undoubtedly moving away from fall themes and have been for some time. Instead of decorating our fall homes with themes like pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, skeletons, or some other overtly fall-ish theme. They are taking a more subtle approach to fall decor. The experts are choosing color as a way to pull a fall home together.

Trending Color This Fall

This year’s fall trending color. Honey! What a delicious color. Both interior designers and fashionistas are agreeing on the color for this year, honey. The fashion industry is calling it honeycomb, which is a more saturated offshoot of honey. Even in the hairstyling industry, “expensive honey” is the it color.

Punch Of Black

Black is a classic color that is finding its way to trend status this fall. Black is the color to use to accent your home in fall this year. It elevates a space. We have seen the trend for black kitchens, and they will continue on until the end of the year. Black is a true designer chameleon. It works with almost all decor to make an updated and chic statement.

Muted Earthy Colors

The trend to use earthy colors seems like a yearly event. But this year, they are more muted and soft.

It seems that earthy tones seem to be popular every fall. However, this season, depending on which experts you read, earthy tones are taking on a muted presence. Instead of pumpkin oranges, we will be seeing softer, lighter, dulled-down oranges and muted peachy tones. Other fall colors that will be popular are browns, beige, brick red, sage green, and honey gold.

Beautiful Velvet

Velvet has been having more than a moment as a trendy fabric and will continue through the rest of the year. Beloved for centuries, velvet has, at first glance, a sophisticated appeal. But now synthetic performance velvet is sweeping through the design industry, and so it is practical on everything from bed headboards to family room sectionals. This fall velvet in autumn colors will be everywhere.

Texture For Fall 2023

Texture has moved up the walls for 2023 and will continue to be popular in the fall. Lime-washed walls, textured wallpaper, and well as bead board are all popular wall treatments for fall 2023.

Natural Elements

Some things never go out of style, and natural materials will always be classic. We have seen this classic style become trendy and one of the biggest influencers of interior design. Natural elements like weathered birdhouse gourds, white pumpkins, wheat sheaves, fall branches, apples, pears, greenery, and dried sunflowers will always look fresh and on-trend in fall decor! Using natural elements should look “just collected” and be real. Or at least a faux rendition that looks very real.

What makes fall decor look dated is cutsie fall decor and lots of plastic pumpkins. Instead, bring the outside in this fall.

How To Incorporate Trends In Your Fall Decor

Here is an easy 5 step process to incorporate fall decorating trends in your decor this year:

  • Decide on a fall color palette. Use the colors in your home and add one or two trending colors in small doses.

  • Dive into all your fall decor and get rid of anything that is dated or tired looking.

  • Peruse blogs (my fall decor is HERE), social media accounts, Pinterest, magazines, and other fall idea sources. Find ideas you like.

  • Plan what you need to buy or make to keep your fall decor updated.

  • Decorate with light layers using natural elements.



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