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Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Do you want your kitchen to look custom and expensive without spending a lot of money? Designer Kristen McGowan shares her designer tips & tricks to creating a high-end luxurious looking kitchen, on a budget!

You can use these design hacks to design or redesign the kitchen of your dreams! If you’re working on a kitchen renovation I hope this gives you some useful tips to elevate your kitchen!


Everything from decor hacks, styling tips, finishes, lighting…she's covering it all! Make sure to check out her comments section with links to some of the featured items.

  • Replace short kitchen mats with a long runner.

  • Upgrade countertop essentials.

  • Select honed (matte) vs. polished (shiny) countertops.

  • Use 3 types of lighting.

  • Extend upper cabinets to ceiling.

  • Incorporate appliance garage.

  • Install a slabsplash vs. backsplash tiles.

  • Display art and decor.

  • Go bold with finishes.


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