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Reframe How You Think About Color

To get more comfortable using color in your home, you have to start by unlearning some of the misconceptions surrounding color. The main idea you should throw out is the line of thinking that says neutrals are more sophisticated than bold colors.

Bold jewel tones and dark, moody colors have been trending for a couple of years now and designers don’t expect that to change in 2024. There are endless ways to incorporate darker, more moody tones into your space.

"You can still create elevated spaces while using bold color," designer David Quarles IV says. "We are colorful human beings that experience a wide range of hues of emotion. With that, limiting our homes—unless it is indeed our style to keep our homes neutral—to a neutral color palette because others consider it chic is no way to live. Through intention, design, and beautiful application you can have the most colorful of spaces also feel like the most luxurious oasis."

If the thought of using a moody tone in your space feels intimidating, designer Cara Newhart recommends trying out the color on a smaller project first (think an old piece of furniture or decor) so that you can live with the color in your space for a bit before committing to a larger project. Or try small accents like a painted vase to an accent ceiling, or even repainting your cabinets with a bold hue."

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