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Room Ideas For Your Teen's Personality

Creating a safe, stress-free haven where your teenage son or daughter can knock out their to-do list and spend time with a friend is a great way to help keep them on track, but designing a space that is both practical and stylish can be harder than it looks. Here's 8 ideas full of personality.

Music Lover.

Framed record albums make for excellent wall art in this music-themed teen room seen on Cote De Texas. The subtle emphasis on texture and pattern give the room a rich and layered look that contrasts nicely with the cool, industrial ambience.

Scandanavian Charm.

This minimalist Instagram find blends Nordic and Bohemian traditions, incorporating soft textures, twinkle lights, a cozy floor bed, and an oh-so-Boho macramé swing. It’s a comfortable, lived-in look that’s perfect for a busy teen.

Social Butterfly.

A pair of chaise lounges is the perfect place to curl up and gossip with a friend in this bold black, white, and yellow teen room from Tatertots and Jello. On the wall behind, a selfie themed gallery wall enhances the teen-scene vibe.

No-Fuss Dude.

Simplicity rules in this understated yet undeniably rad teen room spotted on Decoria.

A half wall in a rich navy paired with high-contrast black and white graphic accents gives the space a masculine feel without seeming dreary or drab.

Make-Up Maven.

Teenage make-up maven hogging the bathroom? With an oversized mirror, flattering lighting, and room for all those beauty must-haves, this glam bedroom vanity, found on Pinterest, is your ticket to a morning free of sibling squabbles!


Have a teenage DIYer on your hands? Keep those crafting supplies under control by providing your teen with their own personal crafting station! This simple arrangement, featured on Cuckoo 4 Design, boasts easy-access storage, a workspace that doubles as a computer desk, and a long, wall-mounted picture rail that makes it easy for your teenage artist to display their latest work.

Glam Girl.

Rich and moody, this teenage dream room, spotted on Pinterest, couldn’t be more glam if it tried!

The chase lounge, cleverly tucked into the bottom on the bed, is an excellent choice, providing additional seating without taking up valuable wall space.

Urban Industrial.

A large industrial dolly and a set of floor cushions make for a perfect place to catch up on homework, play a game, or even just grab a snack with friends in this rustic, shared teen room from Decoria.


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