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5 Design Comebacks For 2024

While no one could have seen "Barbiecore" design take over the way it has in 2023, other trends are truly cyclical and often "comeback" in style. Here's the trending decor for 2024!

Mid-Century Modern

We took a small break from midcentury modern, though with a fresher take this time around.

There is a new focus on organic curves and classic charm, but it’s also about the principles of this era, which were often a nod to functionality and simplicity. Find innovative materials or juxtaposed with contrasting styles for a fresh twist.

Rich Color Palettes

As we veer away from minimalist toward more maximalist spaces, bolder, richer color palettes will take center stage. Before you go out and invest in grand, opulent sets, this look will be best in smaller doses. Instead of overwhelming rooms, try statement pieces or highlighting architectural details.

Textured Fabrics

Homes are no longer just about looking pristine, but feeling cozy and tactile. Amanda Wiss, founder of NYC-based home staging company Urban Staging thinks "we'll be closing the chapter on stacking fifteen pillows on a king-sized bed in exchange for a few statement pieces—textured throw pillows are where we're headed,” Wiss says, who also loves a shearling, wool, or linen throw, too.

Dedicated Rooms With Purpose

Open-concept plans are officially dated. Dedicating rooms to a particular purpose improves organization, functionality and allows creativity.

Bespoke Furniture Pieces

We are becoming more and more eager to create personalized spaces that truly reflect our tastes. People are seeking authenticity and stories behind their possessions. Homes in 2024 will likely treasure original and hand-crafted pieces for their craftsmanship and personal design needs.

Happy designing in 2024!


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