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5 Trending Summer-To-Fall Decor Swaps

Easy, unique and freshly transformative updates, these 5 autumn-appropriate decorating ideas won't let you down.

1 - Press Leaves For A Gallery Wall

It's surprisingly simple to create your own pressed leaf art. Once you gather the prettiest leaves from your backyard, you can press them between the pages of a large book or between layers of wax paper with heavy books on top. A few days later, you can put them in rustic picture frames to recreate this gallery wall.

2 - Make Wood Beam Pumpkins

Neutral and chic yet festive, this wood bead pumpkin is super easy to make. For materials, you'll only need wired twine, wooden beads and lambs ear leaves. The finished product will look adorable on your bookshelf, coffee table or kitchen island.

3 - Refresh Your Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to transform your space, whether it's in the bedroom or living room. Opt for shades of orange, red and yellow to match the fall foliage outside. Jewel tones are also on trend this fall season.

4 - Hang/Display Seasonal Plants

Dry and shriveling summer porch plants? Get rid of them, but replace them with a fall feast for the eyes that you, your neighbors and guests will admire. Shift your porch and deck from summer to fall by hanging and displaying orange-tinged foliage that offers up autumn vibes. Don't forget the string lights and a fall-colored pillow or two!

5 - Opt for Unconventional Table Decor

Instead of covering your table with a tablecloth, scatter handmade leaf cut-outs throughout. If you make them out of cork or another sturdy material, they also double as a trivet to protect your table from any spills or hot plates.


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