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5 Unexpected Christmas Decor Trends

Bored of your same old Christmas decor? Try something unexpected and new. Delight your family and friends this season.

Wreaths Galore

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to decorate for Christmas this season is to add a wreath or two, or three. Whether it’s hanging in the window or welcoming your guests on the front door, it’s a cozy symbol everyone appreciates. Greenery wreathes are great for seasonal decorating because they transition into winter and fit any home design style.

Wrap Your Art

For budget friendly Christmas decorating grab a roll of your favorite wrapping paper and start covering your artwork. It will make everything feel not only festive, but also cohesive and organized.

Decorate The Chandlier

One of our favorite Christmas décor trends involves looking up. That’s right, we’re talking about your lighting! Chandeliers are a great opportunity to add some Christmas décor to your space. Try draping garland to give a wreath effect. We also love hanging ornaments from some ribbon. The possibilities are endless! The extra attention to detail won’t go unnoticed.

Less Is More

While it’s true that, yes, we’re ready for sparkly, twinkly, evergreen everything, finding and focusing on a few special pieces is all you need to make an impact. A common mistake is the ‘more is more’ mentality when it comes to Christmas décor.

Start with a blank slate and remove any existing artwork or décor that might compete with your holiday pieces. From there, incorporate more organic accents with a little extra greenery thrown in. Try adding in a beautiful faux garland to the stair rails as well as some leftover ribbon you may have from decorating the tree If you have a fireplace, she adds, that’s another great location for a little garland with lights.

Bold, But Classy Porch

Inflatables delight little kids, but having a six-foot-tall Minion in a Santa hat in your yard can get old fast (not to mention look like a pile of trash when it’s deflated during the day).

If you want to make an impact in a new way, try giant ornaments or gifts instead. They have a retro-meets-Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Kids vibe that’s just as playful as the blow-up characters, only a smidge more sophisticated.

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