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5 Unique Container Ideas That Wow

Turn ordinary outdoor container gardens into works of art. Grouping plants in containers takes a little finesse. The general formula -- thrillers, spillers, and fillers!

(1) Monochromatic Modern

Are you drawn to modern shapes and monochromatic themes in home design? Do the same in your outdoor containers this summer. Select rectangle, square, or uniquely shaped containers and plant succulents, ornamental grasses, boxwood, coral bells, elephant ear, evergreens, hostas, ferns or any green plant that catches your eye. They can be easy to care for and catch attention!

(2) Cool Caladium

Add a big burst of color to shady spots in your yard with colorful caladiums. These tropical beauties sport large, striped or splotched leaves in a rainbow of colors. Caladiums thrive in warm weather and prefer a rich, slightly wet soil. Most grow about 2 to 3 feet tall, but you can also choose dwarf varieties that grow less than 12 inches in height. They’re fun to mix and match in big pots, planters, or window boxes. Most varieties thrive in partial to full shade. When shopping for caladiums, look at the plant tag. Some newer varieties thrive in full sun, as well as shade.

(3) Coleus Cascade

For big impact, consider mixing plants of different shapes together in the same pot to create a tapestry of color. In this lush pot, an upright coleus holds center stage, while a trailing peach calibrachoa tumbles lightly over a carpet of golden creeping Jenny. These three plants are also versatile enough to grow in either sun or partial shade. Just be sure to trim the coleus back if it gets too large and tries to take over the pot.

(4) Choreograph of Color

When planning your container garden, avoid planting a mishmash of colors. For best effect, it’s best to stick with two or three complementary tones. Here, for example, the sapphire blue blooms of petunia blend beautifully with the silvery gray foliage of dusty miller. Striped, dark green snake plant (Sansevieria) provides vertical interest without competing with the blue and silver theme.

(5) Summer Celebration

Let the fireworks begin! It’s easy when you plant an explosion of color by pairing a smoldering mass of Easy Wave Velour petunias with the fiery scarlet leaves of cordyline. These sun-worshippers thrive during hot, summer weather. Just water them whenever the soil feels dry to the touch and fertilize every few weeks. Colorful hummingbirds add to the show by feasting on the bright petunia flowers.


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