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7 Standout Garage Door Styles

Ensuring your home stands out is essential, and having a stylish garage door plays a key role in achieving this. If you're considering replacing your garage door this summer, be sure to explore the latest contemporary designs available in the market.


Farmhouse Garage Doors will add a timeless, rustic but contemporary feel to your home. They are indeed a trend you don’t want to miss this year. The outside of your home will look inviting and warm, while your garage will be protected and safe. Farmhouse garage goors come in various colors, shapes, and sizes depending on your needs. They come in lighter and darker wood shades and have modern details like steel or glass. You can choose the color palette to match the rest of the house and create a cohesive, harmonious environment.


If you’re looking to spice things up and want to add personality to your home, replace your regular garage doors with colorful garage doors. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to show your character and add a personal touch to your exterior. Colorful garage doors are going to be a major trend today. The right color of the garage door will enhance the appeal of your house and make it attractive. You can go for any color you have in mind, such as green, blue, red, or even yellow. The variations are endless, so you can go for anything that appeals to you the most.


Since the garage doors are one of the first things people notice once they pass your home, they need to look modern. Plank garage doors are a perfect match for contemporary and traditional design. They will make your home look and feel like an expensive mansion. There are endless options for customization when it comes to this type of garage door. Another great thing about plank garage doors is that they are very durable and easy to maintain.


If you want durable but good-looking garage doors, consider one of the biggest trends this year: wooden garage doors. There are different kinds of wood you can go for, but any type will make your home look cozy, natural, and inviting. Since wood is a renewable material, you will also make your home eco-friendly if you go for this garage door type. If you ever get bored of how they look, you can easily repaint them or put on a different finish which is very convenient. Wooden Garage Doors are more expensive than other garage doors, and they require more maintenance, which you should consider before installing them.


Durable material garage doors are commonly made of steel, metal, or fiberglass. What’s good about these types of garage doors is that they are low maintenance, inexpensive, and, as the name says it, durable. They are a great way to add modern detail to your home that can last for decades. Durable material garage doors come in many unique varieties and can be mixed with other styles to achieve a luxurious, contemporary look.


Full glass garage doors are also becoming fashionable this year and are among the latest trends. They are also known as see-through doors, made out of metal framing and large glass panels. By installing this type of garage door, your home will look fresh and elegant on the outside. There’s no doubt that they will look beautiful and add a lot of natural light to your garage. If you’re considering this garage door type, be aware that they can get pretty pricey. Also, security can be compromised in a garage with this door type because neighbors or potential burglars might see inside the garage.

7-Trimmed Out

Wood trim has become extremely popular in the last couple of years, and there’s no wonder that it will remain trendy this year. Depending on the style and color of wood you go for, you can make your home stand out, making it look luxurious and high-end. It is also a perfect way to add a natural feel to your overall aesthetic, especially if you mix it with other raw materials. Your home will look more cozy and comfortable on the outside, and there’s a diversity of styles you can go for. Having wood trim garage doors is something you should surely consider for your home today. They are usually more expensive than steel doors, but they are worth the price.



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