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COOL NEW Home Gadgets 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where the world's best electronics brands go to show off their latest tech, and while flashy TVs, computers and phones tend to get the most attention, the event is also a killer showcase for the latest home goods.

Moen Smart Sprinkler System

Moen is making it easier to manage your lawn with a new smart sprinkler system. The multi-part system consists of the Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Wireless Soil Sensors (sold separately). The Smart Sprinkler Controller offers greater control over your home's irrigation, allowing you to set up and control different zones through the Moen Smart Water app. The Soil Sensors offer additional autonomy, as they automatically measure your soil's moisture levels and communicate with the controller on optimal watering schedules.

Availability: February 2023

Price: $70 per Soil Sensor, Sprinkler Controller starts at $180

LG MoodUP Refrigerator

LG first displayed their color-changing fridge last fall in Berlin at IFA 2022, but now the party-ready appliance is turning heads stateside at CES. The four-door fridge features four LED panels, one covering each door, that can display a total of 190,000 different color combinations. The 21-cubic-foot fridge also boasts a built-in Bluetooth speaker for streaming music, and you can have the colors sync up with your tunes. As a special treat for CES, LG announced a partnership with Pantone where they have added the brand's 2023 Color of the Year — Viva Magenta — to the MoodUP fridge.

Availability: TBD Price: TBD

Kohler Sprig

Not content with merely debuting a new product or two, Kohler launched a whole new brand at CES 2023 (along with a slew of new products, to be fair). Sprig is Kohler's new wellness brand that aims to turn your ordinary daily routines into healing, renewing rituals. The fledgling sub-brand's flagship product is the Shower Infusion Kit, which attaches to your existing shower head and infuses the water with Sprig's botanical infusion pods, which offer aromatherapy to help you sleep, recharge and more.

Availability: May 2023 Price: $139

Nanoleaf Sense + Controls & Skylight

Nanoleaf was already one of the biggest names in the smart lighting game, and now they're further distancing themselves from the pack with the reveal of their new Sense+ Controls platform. The Matter-enabled system runs on Thread and consists of the Smart Light Switch, Wireless Smart Light Switch and Nala Learning Bridge, all of which boast motion- and ambient lighting sensors. The system, working with Nanoleaf's new AI assistant Nala, promises to learn your routine and eventually automate your lighting without any input from you. Also announced is the Skylight, which sees Nanoleaf move its trademark modular lighting panels to the ceiling in a new flush mount fixture.

Availability: 2023 Price: TBD

Rachio Smart Hose Timer

Already the maker of a popular Smart Sprinkler Controller, at CES Rachio unveiled a Smart Hose Timer that will transform any ordinary garden hose into a smart irrigation system. The $100 device allows you to set and control different watering routines from your phone, and it will even automatically skip watering if there's rain in the forecast.

Availability: March 2023 Price: $100

Kaltech Photocatalytic Premiere Humidifier

Kaltech has debuted what they claim is the world's first photocatalytic humidifier. The appliance uses a dual filter system to eliminate chlorine and other minerals, along with photocatalytic plates that use light to eliminate bacteria. The appliance doesn't require distilled water, just regular tap water, and promises to transform hard water to soft. It's also being marketed as a beauty device and includes an atomizer attachment for misting one's face.

Availability: 2023 Price: TBD

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Buddy's smart camera-equipped bird feeder is one of the cutest pieces of tech on the market, and now they've upped the adorable factor by focusing on arguably the cutest bird of all: hummingbirds. Bird Buddy's prototype hummingbird feeder is equipped with motion sensors and will capture photographs and videos of 350 different species of hummingbird — and identify them — with wing speeds up to 60 mph.

Availability: TBD Price: TBD

Davis Weatherlink WiFi Console

Davis's weather stations have helped people gain better insight into their local forecasts for years, but their monochrome LCD look was ... a bit dated. Now, the brand has unexpectedly launched the WeatherLink Console, a full-color, touchscreen, WiFi-connected smart device that rockets the brand into the 2020s. Working in conjunction with your Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue sensor, the WeatherLink Console provides a hyperlocal forecast, offering a customizable home screen that can display up to 21 parameters at a glance.

Availability: February 2023 Price: $395

Masonite MPwr Smart Door

Why outfit your door with a smart camera and smart lock when you can just buy a new door with everything built in? That's the idea behind Masonite's new MPwr Smart Door, which incorporates built-in LED lighting, an integrated Ring Doorbell Cam, a Yale Smart Lock and other nifty tech that threatens to make all other front doors obsolete. The door even includes a backup battery for when the power goes out, and Masonite says it will arrive in Home Depot later this year.

Availability: 2023 Price: TBD

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