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Diversify Your Portfolio With Rental Properties

Scott Jacobs shares his expertise and makes it easy for you to invest in rental properties.

By investing in income-producing rental properties you can achieve two outcomes. In the short-term, positive cash flow can create a nice monthly owner's distribution and in the long-term, capital appreciation can allow you to increase your wealth over time.

The goal is to achieve a cap rate of a net amount higher to or equal to being in the equity markets. This means buying right, managing efficiently, and qualifying your tenants. There are standard set-asides for repairs and maintenance as well as tax accrual. Most tenants pay heat and electricity if there are separate meters. In some cases, they also pay for water, sewer, and garbage.

One way to handle these complexities would be to hire a property manager who will completely fulfill these requirements and more simply leaving you to see an owner's distribution deposit to your account on a monthly basis. With property management and no calls at 3:00am due to plumbing or electrical issues, your returns will be slightly less, but the peace of mind and the anonymity with tenants will make an investment feel more like other alternative opportunities in the markets paying a monthly dividend.

If you're interested in learning more, please contact me if you'd like to talk about a strategy. I connect investors and sellers from small to multi-million dollar portfolios. I help to organize complex portfolios and present them in a very comprehensive format which large investors appreciate. I also have a very long list of buyer/seller investors that I have a history with to facilitate a quick and confident transaction making it easy for you.

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