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Dog-friendly Home Design

Since dogs are family, too, why not integrate a dog-friendly design? Here's 7 areas to make Fido feel right at home.

This is dedicated to all pet lovers, specifically for dog lovers. Yes! Dog lovers, brace yourselves because these spaces you are about to see were distinctively done with so much love for dogs.

(1) Kitchen

Does your dog follow you (or his nose) wherever you go? If you are looking for a sneaky way to create a resting spot for your dog while in the kitchen, take a hint from this open concept home’s kitchen island with a sneaky built-in dog bed that looks so chic and chill. See more ideas for food, water, and filling stations in the gallery below.

(2) Laundry Room

The laundry room has always been a convenient, out of the way place for dog slumber and feasting. Why not capitalize on the plumbing? In this home, a small dog washing and rinsing station was easily added. No more putting your furry pal into the family bath tub or chasing him around the yard with the hose.

Create a cozy bed area by utilizing cabinetry for a cozy bed and/or add decorative-type gated doors if you crate your dog. A built-in dog feeding and watering station is an option, too. See more laundry ideas in the gallery below.

(3) Entryway

Entryways or unused nooks can be a great real estate spot to hand over to your dog. An entryway dog bed provides a comfy bed for your pet while keeping leashes, collars and toys organized right in the same area.

(4) Office

This home office space was built for function and style with plenty of storage space. With people working from the comforts of their homes today, dogs are happier than ever to spend more time with their owners! So, why not give them a comfy space to lounge while you work?

(5) Stairs

If you have an untouched space under your staircase, now is the time to put it to a good use. It is a very sensible project to take on, creating a lovely room for your dog -- and without taking up any square footage.

(6) Family Room

How about this fancy built-in for Fido? Use your imagination to create happy spots without negatively impacting space, function, or design and decor.

Be inspired by more dog-friendly design ideas below!

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