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Get Your Sweat On! The Portable Sauna

Yes, you can put a sauna in the garage. A peaceful place to stop fretting with sweating. Stay in the comfort of home base.

Home saunas are a great way to experience soothing heat in the comfort of your own home. Many people find a good sweat session in a sauna to be an effective way to refresh after a vigorous workout or to experience a sense of therapeutic comfort. Being portable, it's easy for homeowners to add them inside the home, garage or backyard.

When shopping for home saunas, you’ll find that options include conventional saunas constructed of hardwoods (like cedar, hemlock, or aspen) and smaller sauna tents that are collapsible and sized for just one person. Both types of saunas are available using either steam or infrared heat sources. Some people prefer the ‘dry’ heat of an infrared sauna, while others prefer the moist experience of a steam sauna.

Most saunas can be installed on any hard surface indoors or outdoors, but concrete, tile, wood, and vinyl surfaces are best. Pay special attention to electrical requirements, as some larger saunas or those with high-power heating units may require a 240V outlet. However, the majority of home saunas will plug into a standard 110V outlet—making it easy to transform any area of your house into a relaxing retreat.

If you're ready to relax and rejuvenate, check out these models widely available at:

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