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Happiness Is A Home Coffee Station

The explosion in working and entertaining from home and the popularity of single-serve coffeemakers like the Keurig have given rise to a new home design trend: the coffee station.

Making a cup of coffee now requires minimal effort, and many of us feel free to indulge in our favorite hot or iced beverage throughout the day. Eliminate making a coffee run. Depending on your budget and taste for coffee, there seems to be two ways to approach your coffee station design.

(1) Low Tech - Stand Alone Coffee Maker

Finding an existing space to turn into a coffee station is the easiest option for coffee-lovers who like DIY or less expensive design projects. Whether you convert existing kitchen or dining cabinets, remove cabinets to create a coffee nook, add a new cabinet or upper shelving -- there are plenty of options to get brewing. All you need is space, your favorite coffee maker, and coffee supplies.

(2) High Tech - Built-in Coffee System

The built-in and plumbed coffee machine is the best option for coffee-lovers who want to save a place in their kitchen and prefer to have high-tech appliances. These built-in coffee makers will save you space without compromising on the quality of your favorite coffee. They will serve an aromatic coffee any part of the day, and it will blend perfectly with your fixtures. The built-in coffee makers are ideal for kitchens with a similar range of appliances and products all hidden away.

Here's some coffee station inspiration:

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