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Next Level Outdoor Party Ideas

Ahhh, it's summertime! Everyone loves gathering outdoors on a sunny day or a warm evening. Treat your friends and family to a next level patio and picnic party with these fresh ideas.

Fill Fruit Vases

Don't toss the empty pineapple and watermelon rind, instead repurpose them as organic vases. Hollow out the center of the melon or pineapple using a kitchen knife, then place a small cylindrical vase inside and fill with flowers that fit the vibe and palette of your party

Sweeten Up Votives

Use fruit in an unexpected manner by carving a 2- to 3-inch circle out of apples and pears, then place tea lights inside for use as votives. In addition to adding color and a natural touch to your table, the votives will also add a sweet fragrance.

Rethink Serveware

Instead of paper napkins or plastic plates, serve guests finger foods inside of strawberry baskets. These are easy to hold, help avoid any spills and effectively store seasonings and toppings.

Cheer Up Disposable Forks and Spoons

Since washi tape comes in countless patterns and colors, it's always party-ready. Stick strips in hues that suit your theme to plain spoons and forks.

Offer Picnic-Style Seating

Rugs, pillows and poufs (and picnic blankets, of course!) will create a casual conversation spot that plays into a laid back party vibe.

String Up Paper Lanterns

Skip balloons and instead add color and whimsy with paper lanterns. Pick up two to three packs of lanterns in a variety of coordinating colors and varying sizes. Assemble the lanterns, use zip ties or twine to cluster them together, then hang at different levels.

Turn Fabric Scraps Into Garland

Add texture, color and pattern with a fabric scrap garland. To make the garland, pick up three to five coordinating fabrics in both solids and patterns, then cut into 2" wide strips using fabric scissors. Next, unfurl a spool of twine to the intended length of the garland and tie each scrap of fabric to the twine along the center of each scrap.

Stack Up The Appetizers

Add some height and save picnic space by stacking your appetizers or charcuterie on a uniquely tiered stand or serving tower.

Freeze Fruit Cubes

All you have to do to make these pretty cubes is mash your favorite fruit, mix with lemonade and freeze them in an ice tray. Add them to seltzer or still water — even white wine — for added flavor.

Grab Your Dessert and Go!

Serve your desserts in reusable, circular, plastic serving trays that are deep enough to fill with ice. For quick set up and clean up, use a serving tray with handles. Avoid melting ice puddles by lining your trays with a decorative dish towel before filling it with ice. Add some personality to your outdoor dessert bar with customizable labels.

Happy summer!

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