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Scott Earns GRAR's Top 10% For 2020

This came in the mail today from the Grand Rapids Realtors Association (GRAR) - Top 10% of 3,256 Broker/Agents in 2020. I never imagined I would get something like this when I was 60 years old and only four years into my dream career. I love my work!!! (A dream from when I was young.)

I start each day full of energy. In the evening I look forward to the next morning. I don't dread Monday's on Friday. I enjoy my entire Sunday. Wednesday isn't hump day, and everyday - all day, is a happy hour (no booze jokes). My dog is with me in my office and I take her on walks when we get bored.

Listen for your calling, find your purpose, fulfill your dreams. Thanks to Blu House Properties for taking a chance on me. And thank you to my beautiful wife Pam for her love, support and patience.

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