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Top 6 Free Online Room Layout Planners

A free room layout planner app is a great way to design a room quickly or plan a remodel. In minutes, using an app, you can easily rearrange your room.

How do you make a room layout? With each of the free online room layout planners (most offer 2D and 3D room planning), you start by laying out your room's dimensions. Make the area as large or as small as you like, add interesting corners or walls, and do everything you can to make it look just like the actual room you want to build.

Add features such as doors, closets, and windows before moving on to adding paint, flooring, furniture, and accessories by just dragging and dropping them into your online room. Deciding where to put furniture in the room is personally customizable, depending wholly on your room size, preferences, needs, and style.

Each layout planner lets you design a room for free, but they all have different tools that work slightly differently. Read on to see which room layout planner meets your needs best. FLOORPLANNER It's easy and fun to use Floorplanner, and it has so many options for flooring, wall coverings, furniture, and objects that you'll be able to design houses and rooms either for realistic use or to create your dream home.

If you have trouble using Floorplanner, use the tutorials to get you through a rut or to show you how to use the tools to build what you want.


3Dream3Dream is one of the best free online room layout planners available. You'll have fun building a room here with their huge collection of furniture, flooring, wall coverings, and accessories. There are over 40,000 objects you can use! Not only can the room be viewed in regular 2D, but you can also use the 3-dimensional option to get a "real-life" example of how the room might look if you were to stand inside. The tutorials at 3Dream will get you started, and in no time you'll have a stunning room finished that you can view in interactive 3D. ROOMSTYLER 3D ROOM PLANNER

Roomstyler 3D Room Planner (previously called Mydeco) is a great free online room design app mainly because it's so easy to use. You'll have a room up in a matter of minutes! Unlike some 3D room planners, this one gives you a huge drawing-like canvas to work with. You can easily draw in your walls or drag a pre-made shape onto the canvas.

There are numerous furnishings and accessories you can add to your room to make it your unique creation. You have access to objects not only for regular rooms like a bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, but other things, too, such as a gym, kid's room, Christmas, garden, office, home entertainment, and more.

This free online room layout planner will have you coming back repeatedly so you can redo every room in your house. Or maybe even some that are just from your fantasies! PLAN YOUR ROOM

Plan Your Room is a free online room layout planner that will help you design a simple room with ease. You'll love how simple the tools are and how easy it is to get the results you're looking for with your project.

What Plan Your Room is missing in bells and whistles it makes up for in the fact that it can get the job done in a small amount of time. The walls are easily draggable, and the furniture and other objects are neatly organized off to the left. Also, the easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to work with, all the objects you see available are the ones you can use, and none of them are secretly only available after you pay. User registration is only necessary if you want to save the design. HOME DESIGN 3D Home Design 3D is a room design app that offers free and paid versions. The "freemium" option works great, but you're limited since you can't use the save feature. You'll also see ads and can't import or export your work. But, what's really great about it is you can work in 2D and 3D, and you can "visit" your room in real-time by walking through the space and visualizing it better by taking a 3D tour.

It's easy to use on smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, and PC and Mac desktops. It's a very popular app with more than 40 million downloads. MAGIC PLAN MagicPlan is available for iOS and Android and is a free room design app that will allow you to create floor plans based on your photos. You don't have to measure and draw; instead, using your phone's camera, MagicPlan will produce a quick planning layout with a few camera clicks. MagicPlan's easy-to-use interface will have you designing a room layout on the go. This option works great for users who have minimal experience creating floor plans. It's not as detailed as interior designer apps, but it gives you accurate planning layouts and an easy-to-use interface.


Source: The Spruce

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