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Update Your Ranch Home Exterior

A whole new generation of homeowners is appreciating the original ranch-style homes today and finding the simple architecture appealing for its ease to update and similarity to mid-century style homes. Ranch homes are now the star of home improvement fixer-uppers. Whether selling or staying, it's time to update the exterior of your ranch.

1. Add A Gable Above The Entryway

If you find the one-story, simple design of a ranch home exterior a little too plain, adding a gabled entry can make a charming difference in curb appeal. The gabled roof can incorporate a front porch or patio or simply define the front door area.

2. Draw Attention To The Front Door

Typically, the façade of a ranch house is sleek and simple. But the doorway itself can set a modern, captivating tone. Contemporary single entry doors with a wide sidelite window can add attention, while double doors add a more formal tone. Spice up your exterior color palette with a bold door color like yellow, red, or turquoise to add a pop that draws the eye. Don't forget updating lighting fixtures as well.

3. Replace Landscaping With Differing Heights

Nothing outdates a ranch more than old and overgrown bushes and trees. Since ranch homes are typically one story with horizontal lines and a shallow roofline, it helps to break up the flow with some vertical height elements like variegated landscaping of differing shades, colorful potted plants, or decorative detail. Adding healthy, decorative trees in the front yard can add interest and curb appeal, too.

4. Add A Porch To The Front Of The Home

The thing about ranch houses is their connection with outdoor living. Sure, you’ll often see sliding patio doors around back opening to an outdoor entertaining space, but how about creating a similar effect at the front of the home? A brick or flagstone patio next to the front entry or walkway can add personality, charm, and an invitation to meet the neighbors.

5. Add Cedar or Wood Shutters And Accents

Wood accents offer a break in the design of modern homes, whether they use brick, stone, or veneer. These accents may take the form of trim, shutters and columns or outdoor spaces such as a fence, patio, pergola, or porch. The wood might form the railing for a balcony or the full balcony.

6. Add Metal Awnings or Roof

Metal roofing lasts three times as long as traditional shingle roofing while still providing a classic look and distinctive style. Sun beating into the front? Add modern-looking awnings for unique but functional accent.

7. Clean and Brighten Driveway, Sidewalk and Porch

How dingy is the cement and pavers around your home? It's time to rent a power washer or hire experienced professional. There are many cleaning products available to help you as well such as Wet and Forget. Hit the siding if dingy as well.

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