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3 Mantel Styling Ideas For The Holidays


If you’re having trouble figuring out what type of decor you’d like to display on your mantel this holiday season, try sticking to one color or metallics. Add in clear glass and/or candles. This is a great way to take off the pressure when trying to pick out a collection of items.

Christmas Mantel Ideas by Crate & Barrel


Another option is to choose a natural theme when picking out items to display. This works especially well if you favor a simpler mantel or if you’re trying to create a warm feeling in your home. Natural elements such as pinecones, bark, twigs, branches, and textural frames and items bring the outdoors in and remain simple. This theme is also easy on the budget. The ideas shown in this photo are all DIY.

Natural Plus Black & White Christmas Mantel Decor by


Do you have a favorite Christmas character or collection? Use 2-3 showcase pieces from your collection, but no more. Be careful not to clutter. Keep it focused and simple. A plump pair of bearded elves stand watch over Christmas gifts on one end of the contemporary marble fireplace mantel while silver reindeers prepare for flight above the sweater-knit stockings.

Santa's Helpers by Brian Patrick Flynn

Mantel Styling Rule of Thumb:

  • choose your theme

  • choose your style or styles

  • incorporate at least 2-3 elements representing each style (and they can overlap)

  • use stages to gather and display

  • create 3 or more levels/heights

  • arrange artfully in 3’s and in triangle patterns

  • Have fun!

No matter what the season and no matter what your style, you can use these tips and strategies to create your own masterful holiday mantel displays. Happy decorating!

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