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Stunning Deck Revamps

Nothing discourages outdoor living quite like a mediocre deck or patio. Give your deck a revamp before Fall whether swapping out balusters, replacing a worn railing, adding solar lighting or adding decorative privacy panels.

Deck Revamp with Metal Railings
Deck Revamp With Metal Railings

(1) Swap Out Balusters For An Easy Railing Refresh

One of the most impactful deck revamp projects you can do in a short time is replacing worn, wooden balusters with sleek metal ones.

Balusters, sometimes called "pickets" or "spindles", are the thin vertical pieces that run between the top rail and bottom rail in most railing systems. Many existing decks have wood railing using square, wood 2x2s as balusters. But over time, those wooden balusters tend to twist, split or splinter.

You can remove those wood balusters and replace them with long-lasting metal ones. You'll never need to paint or stain them, and they'll hold their shape for years to come, unlike warping wood balusters.

Depending on your railing setup, you can save even more time by using face-mount balusters. As the name implies, face-mount balusters attach to the side of your top rail and bottom rail, rather than being sandwiched in between them.

The advantage of face-mount balusters is that they cut down on installation time even more because you can replace them without needing to remove your top or bottom rail. They simply attach directly to your rails with screws, as shown below.

(2) Replace A Worn Railing To Make Your Deck Feel Like New

Changing out your deck's railing is a larger undertaking, but one that can make your deck feel entirely new without pulling up a single board.

Modern deck railings come in a range of low-maintenance materials like metal and composite, so you can upgrade today and count on your new railing to stay beautiful and strong for years to come without ever requiring you to paint or stain it.

Plus, modern railings have become surprisingly easy to install, with simple kits that include everything you need for a section of level or angled railing. Just install the rail kits between posts and you're ready to go - it's about as easy as a big Lego set for adults!

Metal Railings

Metal railing creates a strong, modern look that's tough and durable in any weather. Another bonus is that metal railing tends to be especially easy to plan and install.

Composite Railings

Composite railing takes the classic look of wood railing and translates it into a sleek, low-maintenance package made of composite material - a mix of natural wood fibers and synthetic plastics.

Cable Railing

Cable railing is a beautifully modern twist that opens up your view by replacing balusters with thin runs of stainless steel cable.

Glass Railing

The most luxurious option is glass railing, which gives you incredible deck views and a modern, extravagant style.

(3) Add Solar Lighting And Get Instant Mood Lighting

Great lighting turns your deck from plain to just plain awesome. The easiest way to light up your space is using simple solar lighting that requires no wiring.

One of the best places for lighting is on the posts of your railing - this is called post cap lighting. Post cap lights are designed to slide easily onto deck posts and fasten easily with a single screw (as you see below) or a line of silicone.

(4) Add Privacy Panels For Maximum Peace And Relaxation

You can quickly make your space more calming and peaceful by adding privacy railing. Privacy panels create a boundary between your space and the neighbors, or between separate functional areas of your outdoor space, like a cooking space and a relaxing sitting zone.

Privacy panels can come in a range of looks, from solid to slightly see-through. That means you can dial in the exact amount of privacy you want for a space, while also choosing an option that fits your personal style.

Privacy panels install easily into frames that are simple to put together, so you can add privacy to your space in a weekend or less.

While it's still warm and pleasant outdoors, we challenge you to revamp your deck and enjoy it throughout the fall season!

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