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72 Ultimate Tech Gifts

Finding the latest and greatest tech gifts is a serious undertaking. We did all the scrolling and digging for you! It's time to wow your loved one this season! Click and shop below!
This incredible list has been put together by Luke Guillory of Esquire:

MOST PRACTICAL TECH GIFT Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ by De'Longhi CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON The best gift is one they will use everyday of their life. Nespresso's new machine absolutely fits the bill.

BEST COFFEE GIFT De'Longhi La Specialista Arte CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT SUR LA TABLECHECK PRICE AT WAYFAIR But an espresso machine with a more customizable, barista-level experience is a great gift if they're really into their coffee, even if the tech hasn't changed much in 100 years.

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MOST MIND BLOWING PIECE OF TECH Moleskine Smart Notebook Set CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT URBAN OUTFITTERS This is a real, physical paper notebook that transfers your pages to digital files as you write. Really! It's the craziest and most convenient piece of tech we have seen in a long, long time.

BEST HOME ENTERTAINMENT TECH GIFT Samsung The Freestyle Smart Portable Projector Now 17% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO TVs are over, smart projectors are (for real this time) the future. The easiest way to upgrade their entertainment room is with Samsung's portable silver screen.

BEST BACKYARD TECH GIFT Bird Buddy Smart Bird Feeder CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Ok hear me out... anyone who's interested in wildlife, over the age of 60, or under the age of 12 is going to love this little smart bird feeder. It gives your ornithologist a direct look at all the birds eating from their little buffet.

FOR THE SLEEK SPEAKER LOVER Balmuda The Speaker CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT NORDSTROMCHECK PRICE AT GOOP Another pick from our gadget awards, this speaker sounds just as good as it looks.

FOR THE WELLNESS ACOLYTE Oura Oura Ring Generation 3 CHECK PRICE AT OURARING.COM One of the smartest health wearables—and that's saying something—to be released in recent years, this ring accurately tracks heart rate, sleep cycles, and activity, then provides insight and guidance based on what it tracks. Considering how discreet it is, that's quite a feat of engineering.

AN LED LIGHT FOR ADULTS Philips Hue Smart LED Floor Lamp Now 12% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT DELL.COM Adults shouldn't own those colorful LED light strands. But this tasteful LED lamp that can sync with your music or TV? We'll let it slide. FOR THE CAR OWNER Garmin Dash Cam Mini Now 23% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT TRACTOR SUPPLY CO Not even those of us who spend a lot of hours driving know what the heck is happening all the time—who's behind us, what hit us, etc. Garmin's Dash Cam will take care of that—day and night—while looking virtually unnoticeable and giving results through an easy-to-understand app. MOST USEFUL TECH GIFT Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT SUR LA TABLECHECK PRICE AT NORDSTROM The strangest, most useful piece of tech on this list. It's a smart mug that will keep their drink at a precise temperature for hours at a time. No more microwaving coffees.

BEST BLACK & WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT Leica M11 Monochrom CHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO If they're further along their photography journey, get them the ultimate upgrade: a Leica. Specifically, any Monochrom model the brand puts out, as it will give them a keen eye for light and texture. This year's release, the M11 Monochrom, shoots truly incredible black & white photography.

BEST SMALL GRILL TECH GIFT NOMAD Grill & Smoker CHECK PRICE AT NOMADGRILLS.COM A little suitcase sized grill that can do everything from burgers to veggies to a whole trout. Perfect for the tailgater or outdoorsperson. BEST SMALL RECOVERY GIFT Hyperice Venom Go CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Ok, ok, ok last recovery recommendation. The Venom Go is perfect for anyone with general aches and pains, because it can be applied to any muscle, and the combination of heat and vibration actually works wonders.

BEST HEADPHONES TO GIFT Apple AirPods Max Now 13% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO Apple's best-in-class headphones. You want a pair. They want a pair. Just about everyone wants a pair.

BEST VEGAN KITCHEN GIFT Nutr Machine CHECK PRICE AT THENUTR.COM A lot of kitchen tech falls into the category of cool, not useful. But the Nutr? It's the most useful thing they can have in their kitchen. No more expensive alternative milks and creamers with fake additives.

BEST FAIL PROOF TECH GIFT Breo Box Tech Gift Subscription Box CHECK PRICE AT BREOBOX.COM Finally, a subscription box full of cool, life-hacking gadgets for home, kitchen, and health to surprise your freaking fussy best friend for one month or the entire year. The previous season's box featured a LARQ bottle and Ember smart mug. Get one yourself to find out what techy goodies will be curated in the next box. (Spoiler: There's an awesome mini posture training device for WFH.) FOR THE TECH JUNKIE DJI Mini 3 Drone CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART They can crouch and stretch and lean all they want. They still won't be able to get the shot or capture the video from 4,000 meters in the air. The Mini 3 features incredible zoom, panoramic views, and an app to quickly save and transfer footage, among other features.


BEST VR GIFT Meta Quest 2 Now 22% Off CHECK PRICE AT WALMART While we wait on Apple's Vision Pro to drop for an insane price tag, Meta will remain king of the VR game.

BEST BATHROOM TECH GIFT Tushy Warm Water Spa Bidet CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON A warm water bidet, though... that's definitely tech. A weird thing to gift? Yeah, maybe. But when you consider how drastically it will improve their life, the social faux pas.

BEST RETRO TECH GIFT Sony PlayStation Classic CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART Always looking for new tech gets fucking annoying. Anyone over the age of 30 (and even young gamers who appreciate the classics) will love to (re)discover their love for one of the greatest consoles of all time.

FOR THE BEER DRINKER Fizzics DraftPour Beer Dispenser CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART Beer tastes better on draft. Fizzics figured out a way for anyone to serve their brew of choice on tap, tasting its best, at home, right on the kitchen counter.

FOR THE GRILL MASTER Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON This wireless thermometer, designed for professional kitchens, takes incredibly accurate readings in two seconds. Anyone serious about cooking meat can use it to achieve grilling perfection.

FOR ANYONE WITH FINER TASTE Tag Heuer Connected Calibre E4 CHECK PRICE AT TAGHEUER.COM The latest iteration of TAG Heuer smartwatches—yes, smartwatches by TAG Heuer—comes in all of its Swiss-mechanical glory. It's an indispensable tracker of all things in the busy fitness hustle: running, cycling, swimming, fitness, golf, wellness, and more. FOR THE CAMPER BioLite FirePit+ Now 17% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT BACKCOUNTRYCHECK PRICE AT DICK'S SPORTING GOODS FirePit+ is a battery-charged, wood- and charcoal-burning fire pit that is controlled by an app and completely portable. Because nothing beats hanging out around a campfire, especially a super-efficient one, on a chilly night. FOR THE MINDFUL THINKER EEG Device CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON SHOP AT CHOOSEMUSE.COM Anyone serious about getting into a meditative state knows how tough it can be; the world is just too damn distracting. But the Muse headband helps, guiding them through a session and tracking their progress as they achieve total mindfulness (or something close).

FOR THE GADGET HOARDER Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO If all these cables and chargers still can't fulfill their device-owning lifestyle, maybe it's time you tell them to tone it down a bit.

BEST BEDSIDE TECH GIFT Courant Catch:3 - Italian Leather CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT MACY'S But we also love this wireless charger/catchall from courant. The leather elevates it from being just another techy gadget.

THE ULTIMATE RECOVERY GIFT Hyperice Normatec 3 CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT BACKCOUNTRYCHECK PRICE AT DICK'S SPORTING GOODS For some real space age recovery though, compression massaging is what they need. They'll feel like an elite athlete, which will lead them to training like an elite athlete, which will get them in elite athlete shape.

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY TECH GIFT Kodak PIXPRO Adventure Digital Camera Now 31% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT ADORAMA.COM Digital point-and-shoots are the new film point-and-shoots. Got that? Honestly, it's a fun little trend to hop on, and the best way to do it is with this waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof adventure camera. They can take it anywhere—skiing, swimming, kayaking, clubbing, etc.—and snap great pics.

FOR THE ARCADE LOVER Arcade1Up NFL Blitz Legends Arcade Machine Now 17% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT WAYFAIR A classic pick, our gadget awards wouldn't have been complete without this machine.

BEST LAPTOP OF THE YEAR Apple 2023 15-Inch MacBook Air Now 13% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON This year, after years of speculation, Apple finally released a 15-Inch MacBook Air. It's a 10/10 laptop, but with the flagship M2 Chip running the show, it could replace most people's desktop.

FOR THE SMART HOME FANATIC Amazon Echo Show 10 CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT HOME DEPOTCHECK PRICE AT DELL.COM Small but mighty, this little device can do it all. It has the ability to make video calls, take photos, play movies and TV shows, control lights, adjust thermostats, and so much more. Trust us, any tech junkie would love this.

BEST VR GIFT Meta Quest 2 Now 22% Off CHECK PRICE AT WALMART While we wait on Apple's Vision Pro to drop for an insane price tag, Meta will remain king of the VR game.

FOR THE HOME THEATER Bose Sound Bar CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO A sound bar is a relatively modest investment that completely changes a home viewing setup. Deep, rich lows but highs that don't get drowned out, it makes a world of difference when you're watching anything, from a big-budget action film to a dialogue-heavy TV series. Plus, it's a lot easier than buying them a new TV. FOR THE BEDROOM ADDICT Blueair Pure Fan Auto Now 20% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WAYFAIR They think they know air purifiers until they see this. They think they know fans until they see this. And they think they know breathing until they use this. FOR THE (NOT VERY) GREEN THUMB AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Garden Now 21% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON It's nearly impossible to accidentally kill anything growing in this self-watering, self-lit planter. That means fresh herbs and vegetables for months to come. FOR THE HOME BARTENDER Bartesian Premium Cocktail Machine Now 14% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT SUR LA TABLE $370 AT WILLIAMS SONOMA $370 AT BLOOMINGDALE'S Nothing beats a cocktail at home. Unless, of course, that cocktail is horrendously made. Bartesian's alcohol-mixing version of a coffeemaker, which takes Bartesian cocktail capsules, is a necessity in homes where the bartending expertise is lacking. FOR THE AVID GOLFER Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor Now 42% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON This is the ultimate golfing tech gift. Even if it's cold, you can still make par from the comfort of your home. FOR ANYONE WITH SECRETS TROVA GO Plus Biometric Safe CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON There are plenty of reasons to have a small, portable, biometric lockbox that only the owner can open. This is that box. WEIRDEST KITCHEN GIFT Philips Kitchen Appliances Soup and Smoothie Maker Now 13% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART We love our soups and smoothies, and Philips is here to make it even easier for us to enjoy them. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below FOR THE SMART PHONE FANATIC Belkin Face-Tracking Phone Mount CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO Belkin's automatically swiveling stand streamlines quite a few everyday tasks that involve phones, like following along to workouts, FaceTiming with mom while cooking dinner, or catching up on late night clips while putting away laundry.

BEST GIFT FOR A GAMER Nintendo Switch OLED CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT ADORAMA.COM If they want a newer console, the OLED Switch is a great update on what was already a triumph of a console. This plus Tears of The Kingdom and they'll be happy. FOR THE SILVER FOX Gillette Heated Razor Starter Kit CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Shaving is less of a chore and more of a barber-shop-level treat with Gillette's heated razor. And it's incredibly efficient with its ability to heat up in less than a second, its magnetic docking system, and its waterproof design. BEST BLUETOOTH SPEAKER GIFT Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth Speaker Now 25% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT MACY'S There's a billion bluetooth speakers out there. A lot of them are ugly. This Marshall speaker that looks like its part of a stack at a rock gig? Leather trim, retro knobs, old-school branding. Absolutely not ugly. It's beautiful, even.

FOR THE FORGETFUL RELATIVE Mate Essential Set CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART If they always take too long to search for "lost" items before leaving the house, get them these Bluetooth trackers to turn lost into found. Keys, wallets, glasses, passports, and whatnot—tag them. FOR THE NEAT FREAK iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum Now 21% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT WAYFAIR Life doesn't get much better than bossing a robot around—and then being able to trust that robot to keep at it. Because no one should be worried about sweeping and mopping when life is happening elsewhere. iRobot makes robot vacuums as smart as they come. FOR THE OUTDOOR DECORATOR MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights CHECK PRICE AT BESPOKE POST That patio, roof, or backyard is getting an upgrade. These guys can keep your space lit for up to 20 hours. Pretty impressive, huh?

BEST PARTY TECH GIFT JBL PartyBox CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO For the life of the party, who's always roping everyone into an impromptu karaoke night.

FOR THE VINYL COLLECTOR House of Marley Stir It Up Turntable CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO This turntable not only looks classic, but it packs the audio tech that makes you really stop and listen. Stir It Up will impress the most intense of audiophiles, and it'll impress the vinyl acolyte on your list, too.

BEST E-BIKE GIFT Trek Allant+ 7 Lowstep CHECK PRICE AT TREK BIKES In a lot of places, an e-bike like this Allant+ from Trek can fully replace a day-to-day vehicle. These things are easy to learn, reliable, and stupid easy to ride. Cruise through the bike lane lugging groceries or work gear, all without breaking a sweat. FOR THE KIDS Makeblock mBot Coding Robot Kit Now 20% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Teach kids the joys of artificial intelligence early on. mBot is a programmable playmate that makes use of S.T.E.M. coding skills to function and move. FOR THE SLEEP-DEPRIVED PERSON Loftie Smart Alarm Clock CHECK PRICE AT BYLOFTIE.COMCHECK PRICE AT HUCKBERRYCHECK PRICE AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE $149 AT LOFTIE Loftie's alarm clock doesn't look gimmicky, which will please most people. But behind its old-school aesthetic appeal is a slew of sleep-focused features that'll help drift one off to dreamland. BEST SKINCARE TECH GIFT Therabody TheraFace LED CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON For the skincare-obsessed, the TheraFace LED does facial massage plus LED light therapy. The result is lest tension, better circulation, and healthier-looking skin.

FOR THE WFH PRO Sony SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Bluetooth Speaker CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO It's literally an on-the-go speaker, not unlike your earbuds. But you need not shut yourself off from the world with it. The audio will be clear and focused towards the ears, and the microphone allows you to respond to Zoom meetings while making a fresh cup of coffee in the kitchen.

FOR THE SODA LOVER Spärkel Beverage System CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Instead of CO2 cannisters, the Sparkel system uses single-serve packets to punctuate water with the perfect amount of fizz. And they'll be able to infuse it with flavors, too. It's really a great countertop soda machine. BEST RECOVERY TECH GIFT Therabody TheraGun Pro Now 14% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT DERMSTORE A percussive massager will punch away sore muscles and keep them running, training, or whatever it is they're up to longer. FOR THE INTERIOR DESIGNER Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit Now 20% Off CHECK PRICE AT NANOLEAF.ME These light panels are controlled via an app to display any color they want. By attaching them to the wall in a unique configuration, they can make some beautiful, high-tech art. And they'll react to music as well. Mood lighting for the future.

BEST FUTURISTIC HEADPHONES Urbanista Los Angeles CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE How about some solar-powered headphones? FOR THE AUDIOPHILE Beats Fit Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds Now 20% Off CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT B&H PHOTO Beats dominates the cool-headphone market. Its latest release, the Fit Pro, will drown out the noise while playing better-than-AirPods-Pro audio quality. FOR THE PIZZA LOVER Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven CHECK PRICE AT OONI.COM $399 AT HUCKBERRY $399 AT BESPOKE POST When their stomach overflows with hunger, they can hook this portable pizza oven to a gas source, ignite it, wait for the heating, then simply put their pizza in it to bake. The whole process will take less than 20 minutes. BEST TEA AND COFFEE GIFT Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle CHECK PRICE AT FELLOWPRODUCTS.COM A cup of tea or pour-over coffee is nothing without a kettle of hot water, and man, is this a kettle worth coveting. It has a digital reader for monitoring and controlling temperature, programmable settings, and can hold at a single temperature for up to an hour. It's a beauty, to boot. BEST GIFT FOR THE GERMAPHOBE LARQ PureVis Self-Cleaning Water Bottle CHECK PRICE AT LIVELARQ.COM $95 AT AMAZON We're all germaphobes these days. So a Larq water bottle, which has a germ-killing, odor-fighting UV-C light in its cap to sanitize the inside of the bottle, is a good gift for us all. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below FOR THE NIGHT OWL Hatch Restore Sound Machine CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT NORDSTROM Short of a sleeping potion (prescribed or procured via magic), they'll rely on Hatch's sound and light machine to help them catch whatever rest they can.

BEST HOME TECH GIFT Dupray Bloom Air Purifier Now 12% Off CHECK PRICE AT DUPRAY.COM The worst part about air purifiers? They're ugly—like a NASA device placed in your home. This nifty one from Dupray doubles as a plant pot, making it much less conspicuous.

FOR THE OENOPHILE Ivation Electric Wine Gift Set CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT WAYFAIR With a duo of electric opener and preserver, even fine wine drinking can be gadgety—nothing wrong with that. The former effortlessly uncorks, and the latter sucks the air out of a bottle to keep the content fresh for longer.

BEST GRILL TECH GIFT Kamado Joe Konnected Joe Digital Charcoal Grill CHECK PRICE AT KAMADOJOE.COM But for a Real Deal grill upgrade, it's gotta be the new Konnected Joe. We've already awarded it but bringing Wi-Fi connectivity to charcoal grilling is an actual revolution. BEST WIRELESS CHARGER GIFT Einova Dual Wireless Charging Stone CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON Wireless chargers typically fall into that same category of funny looking space age tech. This one from Einova certainly does not. The black marble feels natural, sleek, and heavy.

BEST AIR CONDITIONER TECH GIFT July Air Conditioner CHECK PRICE AT JULY.AC A window unit AC doesn't have to be ugly and shitty. July makes good looking models up to 8,000 BTU.

BEST HOME GYM TECH GIFT Peleton Bike+ CHECK PRICE AT AMAZON After all these years, Peleton is still the easiest way to build out a home gym. The Bike+ is a bit steeper in price, but it turns the bike into a full home gym station.

FOR THE MOBILE GAMER Kishi Mobile Game Controller CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMART If they're playing mobile games, they ought to be playing them right—not in the sense of high scores, but in the sense of an intuitive, ergonomic control pad for their phone that beats the hell out of swiping. FOR THE TV FREAK Roku Streambar Pro CHECK PRICE AT AMAZONCHECK PRICE AT WALMARTCHECK PRICE AT HOME DEPOT Roku provides one of the best TV-streaming experiences and is compatible with most TVs, making switching between all three-thousand streaming subscriptions a breeze. This model comes with 4K and HD streaming, a USB port, and more—all of which are easy to use.

FOR THE MICROWAVER HADEN Compact Microwave CHECK PRICE AT CRATE & BARREL This microwave is going to add a retro touch to the kitchen, bringing good memories to good food.


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