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Dream-Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

When it comes to bedroom design, the headboard is one of the main focal points in a room. You don't have to be a woodworker or spend lots. These DIY headboard ideas are easy, offer instant uplift and create sweet dreams.

Tapestry Headboards

Luxe geometric or patterned tapestry headboards deliver on style and versatility with rich, bold design. This is a really great way to introduce pattern and texture in your bedroom.

Quilt Headboards

Do you have an heirloom or favorite quilt by grandma? Quilts make a cheery backdrop and will give your master or guest room a cozy feel.

Fabric Panel Headboards

With some cardboard, scrap plywood, and a fabric (or fabric scraps) you've fallen in love with - you can make instant headboard in an afternoon.

Macrame, Yarn, String & Rope Headboards

Do you love vintage? Are you minimalistic? Textural, neutral, and cozy works like a dream!

Jute & Basket Headboards

For a global or warm feel, browse Hobby Lobby, Amazon or online decor site for interesting jute rugs, jute placemats, or flat decorative baskets.

Pillow Headboards

Get creative and comfortable with large colorful pillows!

Curtain Headboards

Hanging draperies or curtains are an easy way to bring charm to a bedroom - especially dorm or apartment rooms without windows. String some lights for an enchanting evening look.

Paint Your Headboard

The sky is the limit with a couple quarts of your favorite color paints! Rainbows, stripes, or a simple rectangle will add personality to your bedroom.

Unique Headboards

What is your favorite hobby or toy? Reading, legos or the outdoors? Do you have a smaller bedroom or guest room that needs more storage? Get creative with books, album covers, crates, storage cubes, or plastic wall panels. Try a small tee pee or tent for the adventurous kid!


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