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Dreading Hanging Your Christmas Lights?

Why not hire it out?

Christmas lights are beautiful but can be a lot of work. There’s nothing jolly or festive about trying to find that one burnt out bulb or climbing a ladder in the cold and wind. Many homeowners today are opting to hire out their Christmas light installation. With a professional company handling your outdoor decorating, you will have one less hassle during the holidays.

Whether you want a simple, elegant look with just roofline lighting and a big sparkling Christmas wreath and garland, or a stunning over-the-top display to be the envy of all your neighbors, professional Christmas light installers will take care of it. Most installers give you the option of using their lights or preference for your own lights. Make sure to inquire. Keep in mind, yours most likely will have to be compatible and working fully.

Most Christmas lighting companies provide their services in 4 phases:

Design Consultation – There are an endless number of Christmas lighting designs; no two are ever the same. Your holiday lighting vision usually begins with a complimentary design consultation or email exchange with photos of your home. Recommended is meeting with the professional installer to discuss specific looks or to help you come up with ideas.

Installation – Fully licenced and insured installers have the tools and experience to do the job. You may want to inquire, but most Christmas light installers have been fully trained to properly install your Christmas light display with your home in mind. They use systems and methods to install your lights quickly, efficiently, and without any hassles.

Maintenance – The number one goal is to take the hassle out of your holiday lighting and give you more time with your family! When bulbs go out or an unexpected storm ruffles your display, one phone call and they will come fix it. They will make sure your holiday lights stay looking perfect all through the season.

Removal – Come season’s end, removal crews will be back to take down your display with the same attention to detail and care as your installation. Removals usual begin January 2 and go throughout the month (weather permitting).

For those living in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area, we've put together a list of companies specializing in Christmas Light Installation. For this region of the country, pricing typically falls between $5 to $7 per square foot. The first year charge will be the highest if you will be purchasing your light sets. After that, you can expect annual charges to be approximately 65% of the first year cost. If you lease the light sets, you can expect annual charges to be approximately 85% of those first year costs.

Two-Story Home (2,500 square foot) Sample Project First Year Pricing Range Estimate:

- Upper & lower roof edge/peaks $800-950

- Lower Roof edge only $580

- Small landscaping tree wrap $150-250

- 60 inch pre-lit wreath $285

- 48 inch pre-lit wreath $190

Office 888.374.7336

Office 616.208.4571

Office 616.446.4272

Office 616.608.7586

Office 616.942.6635

Office 616.669.0500

Office 616.516.1595

GR Office 616.796.8736

Office 616.295.1543

Do you know of other companies that provide this service? Let us know and we will add them to this list. Happy decorating!


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