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Top 3 Standing Desks For Your Home Office

A standing desk is one of the best ways to enhance your home office. Being stationary for 8-10 hours a day definitely affects your mood and energy levels. Standing keeps you alert and helps you stay active. Scanning through multiple reviews, these 3 desks lead the pack.

Uplift V2 Standing Desk

The adjustable V2 desk from Uplift has solid construction, and allows for a staggering amount of configurations, from a 42x30 personal desk to a massive 80x30 workspace. You can even get corner configurations. There are 20 different desktops to choose from, including attractive laminates, solid wood, reclaimed wood, even a white board surface.

Once you choose your desktop, choose the style of base you want, then the kind of interface to raise and lower your desk. They have a digital keypad or you can get fancy with a digital paddle that has built-in stand reminders (in case you're going to be switching from sitting to standing often).

Uplift has a host of organizational tools to go with your new standing desk. I recommend, at a minimum, picking up a wire management kit so that you can keep the underside of your desk looking tidy. There are also privacy panels that can be handy for controlling longer cords.

There’s even a hammock to hang from the larger models. Yes, really.

Setting up your desk will take a bit of assembly but the end result is well worth it. The raise/lower operation is smooth and the desk is satisfyingly solid. Even when pounding away on the keyboard, it barely wiggles. Once you convert to a standing desk, you'll be reluctant to go back to sitting all day. Configure your perfect standing desk on the Uplift site.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

This desk wins awards year after year, and for good reason. You can set it to a wide range of heights between 24.5 and 50 inches, accommodating virtually any person who wants to use it. Better yet, it maintains its stability and doesn’t wobble at its maximum height. The desk can hold and lift a load of up to 350 pounds, and the motor is quiet and unobtrusive when in use.

It also features a touch programmable handset that can store four height presets for quick and easy adjustments throughout your day. The desk surface is made from quality bamboo and comes with two wire management grommets. Meanwhile, the frame and mechanical and electrical components are all protected by a seven-year warranty.

The unique feature of this electric desk is its shape — most other adjustable desks are rectangular or square, making this model ideal for corner offices. The SmartDesk has a steel frame and can hold up to 330 pounds — it’s powered by three motors — and can adjust between to 28.5 inches and 47.5 inches tall.

The two desk pieces are interchangeable, which means you can change the layout to accommodate your space. The keypad allows for multiple presets automatically adjusting to different height options — the current height option is displayed on an LED screen.

Research suggests that using a standing desk encourages workers to spend less time sitting. People who sit with poor posture put themselves at risk for a raft of health problems, including misalignment of the spine and knees, which can increase stress on the knees; exacerbation of arthritis; poor circulation; fatigue; jaw pain; headaches; and shoulder and back pain. Standing work stations continue to be increasingly popular and are here to stay.

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