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Color Blocking: Get Creative This Year

Bye bye boring accent wall. Color blocking wall ideas can take your color scheming to a whole new level: it's the must-have interiors trend for contemporary and traditional rooms. Pick one of 5 fresh ideas that you can finish over the weekend.


Look how in this bedroom, color blocking has not only been used to add a load of interest, but by painting a darker pink a quarter of the way up the walls there is an illusion of a headboard. Pure magic.


Have a blank wall and want to liven it up without spending a fortune? Add a large area of vivid color in a strong geometric shape (using masking tape to achieve super straight lines), then place a bolt of a contrasting tone against it – the juxtaposition of these will create a cool statement.


Instead of using an oversized piece of art for your wall, create an area of interest by painting a section of wall behind a favorite piece of furniture. Increase its impact by painting a darker outer area then a slightly lighter shade inside to ‘frame’ the paint effect. Or try painting various color blocks to add striking visual interest as so interestingly done in this master bedroom below.


If you want to do something really different, try applying a geometric paint pattern to your kitchen splashback. This homeowner has lined the pattern with gold paint for a stylish metallic accent. Durable paint is best for splash-heavy areas. Consider protecting with clear acrylic for a statement lasting for years.


So you're keen on the idea of a geometric paint effect but don't want to go overboard. We present to you: an upcycling project you can get done in an afternoon! Choose a piece of furniture that needs a bit of love, then try out a design in a color of your choice. We love the bold color-block effect on this wardrobe, perfect for adding a bit of drama to a kid's room or entertainment area. And doesn't the black contrast gorgeously with the beautiful original wood?


Encourage your little explorers by using large triangle shapes to make mountain ranges as a backdrop to their room scheme. For this look, try using a dark paint against a paler background.

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