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Granny's Greens Are Making A Comeback

Granny's avocado green kitchen brings back many fond memories. A particularly rich hue, vibrant greens nod to the height of spring, deep moss, pine-forest hues, and renewal. A color of rebirth, green gives us a connection with nature and freedom.

A renewed interest in green paint has emerged according to data from ColorReader EZ, which is a device that scans color and provides an accurate paint match. Lydia Fedos, Marketing Content Manager at DataColor, recommends a tone-on-tone look combining an herbal green wall like Farrow and Ball’s Sap Green and a gently contrasting trim in a richer shade such like Duck Green.

While green’s resurgence can be partially attributed to outdoor influence, artist Elizabeth Sutton, who is known for her fearless use of color and whimsical yet sophisticated designs, sees the popularity of this color as a result of something much larger. “I’ve definitely seen a shift towards people’s attitude to color this year. A lot more people are willing to add color to their spaces these days, which I imagine is a result of wanting some positivity in their lives,” she says.

View the slide gallery below for inspiration!

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