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Home Office Nook In Living Room Look

Do you face the problem of having separate rooms for everything? Here's inspiration on how to pull off a home office in a living room to make it look cohesive and stylish.

There are several ways to do that: separate the spaces visually or keep them united completely. Prefer furniture and decor to match the space you already have as it will give your room a seamless look. Where to place your office nook so that it could benefit as much as possible? Let’s have a look at 3 ideas with a gallery of inspiration below.

Behind The Sofa

The space behind the sofa is usually underestimated and not used but it’s ideal for a home office nook! Place a desk that you like there – it can be matching for the space or different for a contrasting look, the latter is a great idea to visually separate the spaces. Yet if you want a calmer and more unified look, integrate the desk into the space and find matching chairs.

Next To The Sofa

Replace the end table with a desk and build up if for storage it's on a wall. Follow the same design principles as behind the sofa.

At The Window or Slider

Utilize the light of a window or an underused sliding door.


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