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Home Office Spring Refresh

When organizing a home workspace, both the main elements of the office interior – a table and chair or armchair, furniture and auxiliary elements – organizers, shelves and shelves are of great importance. Layout is key.

Tired of the lack of function, look and layout of your home office? If your answer is yes, then it's time to think outside of the box and refresh your home office. Take a look at the different design styles, wall colors and desk and furniture placement below for inspiration.

Clean & Ergonomic

An ergonomically designed home office should have a comfortable desk with a large table top, on which you can place all the items and devices necessary for work – a monitor, keyboard, computer mouse, document trays, a lamp, as well as a telephone or even a coffee cup.

The desk placement is key here; it's in the center of the room instead of pushed against a wall. This gives a very spacious, roomy feel and may even improve your productivity.

Scandinavian Style

Home office in Scandinavian style – this is the dominance of natural materials; the presence of white furniture and light finishes throughout with contrasting dark elements or gray tones, a variety of wall and table decor – from pictures and posters to antique appliances, clay vases and straw baskets.

The style is laconic and does not allow to clog the interior with a large number of details, but at the same time, favorite posters, interesting stationery, storage systems will easily fit into it.

Simple Contrast

Do you have a nice window! Do not forget about lighting, preferably natural, so a place for work should be allocated right by the window. On cloudy days and in the evening hours spent at work, a table lamp is also useful for illuminating the table top. Pulling in contrasting colors - black and white here - gives visual interest.

Upgraded Traditional

A traditional home office in a similar design is elegance, respectability and timeless solutions that are always in demand: symmetry and well-thought-out layout, expressive textures – natural solid wood, leather; exquisite table and wall accessories. This office proves a white workspace doesn't have to feel cold. Burnt orange and gold accents complement the clean color palette.

Virtual Zone

Take care to create a supportive background for video chats. You can simply unfold the table and sit with your back against the wall. The main thing is that there is no window behind, otherwise you will be exposed in the video. Another option is to put a screen or bookcase behind you. They will also help you zone the space for work and not be distracted.

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