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Boost Productivity With Home Office Refresh

Today, many people are working from home—at least part of the time. A home office has become as much an integral place as a living space, kitchen, and bedroom. The design of a home workspace can help you make the most productive use of your time.

Analyze the space.

To begin, take stock of what you must work with. Consider your work style, and details like lighting, furnishings and built-in accessories that will make your space user-friendly. Ask yourself whether you have all the storage space you need. Think about how updates can work for you while maintaining continuity with the rest of the home. With an office, as with any other room in your home, you will want to create an environment that is true to your design preferences.

Develop a floorplan.

Decide upon a layout using all the available space to accommodate your workspace needs. If you’ll be meeting clients in your office, a seating area will provide a comfortable place to chat, and a small coffee bar will help make them feel welcome. Key to comfort, your home office should be clean and neat without looking sterile. 

Integrate decorative touches that reflect your personality.

Decorative touches should represent individual preferences and include personal mementos that hold special meaning, making the space unique. Use a color palette that is found within the rest of your home. This creates continuity and cohesiveness without looking like an afterthought. Area rugs can offer color to warm up the space. Fresh flower arrangements and plants add color and breathability in addition to a welcoming vibe.

Consider the lighting.

Lighting levels and sources are crucial to an efficient space. Natural light vs. lamps and sconces can all combine to provide useful ambiance. Drapes and shades, lighting with dimmers, and strategic placement all add up to a comfortable working environment.

A beautiful and functional home office doesn’t necessarily require a major overhaul. Simple changes like swapping out hardware on existing furnishings, selecting meaningful décor, and intentional design detail go a long way toward a successful office redesign. Interior design assistance can help to make your home office functional and beautiful.



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