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Is It Time To Paint The Brick Fireplace?

Has your brick fireplace seen better days? Freshen it up with paint!

One of the best things about cooler weather is the coziness that accompanies the chilly nights — think fuzzy blankets, hot drinks and a crackling fire. The fireplace, which sits unused for much of the year, roars to life in all its blazing glory. But if your brick fireplace is stained, cracked or has seen better days, it could put a damper on your down time. The solution? A fresh coat of paint.

What's your design style? If you like farmhouse chic, try a mortar wash. Dramatic flair? Try all black or deep charcoal. Want your room to be soothing and seamless? Try painting your fireplace the same color as your walls. Whimsical cottage? Go for a bright color or a patterned stencil. Check out our gallery below for inspiration and some how-to tips by Better Homes & Gardens.

Ready to go for it? Better Homes & Gardens shares how to paint a brick fireplace in just an afternoon for a stunning room transformation. All it takes is a little prep work, a few tools, and some brick fireplace paint ($25, The Home Depot). Happy painting!

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